My Etsy Shop: The Turquoise Pear

I LOVE to sew. Love it. I love beautiful fabrics, creating something from practically nothing, seeing the look on people's faces when they receive the gift, and finally seeing a sweet baby wrapped up in a blanket I made (even spit up on a cute burp cloth isn't so bad).

I had to find a solution for my desire to create things since we don't have kiddos of our own yet so there's not need for us to have a hundred baby blankets and burp cloths hanging around. So along came The Turquoise Pear, my Etsy shop.

The name of my shop came about fairly naturally with the help of my mom. Maybe you're wondering, "Is this lady obsessed with pears?" No, not really but I see why you'd think that. My married last name means "pear" in Polish. I love different languages, learning the meanings of words, and seeing how they relate to the English language. So I thought this was pretty cool and knew I wanted to use pear in my Etsy shop name. My mom suggested that I throw a color in the title. Blue is my favorite color, but "The Blue Pear" sounded kind of sad. So we tossed around some colors similar to blue and came up with "The Turquoise Pear."

I'd love it if you checked out my shop and even shared it with others. I have a few items for sale that are ready to ship, but I can also make custom items for you. Just email me ( or send me a message on Etsy and we can talk about fabrics, patterns, colors, etc. I'd love to make something, anything for you!