Thursday, April 19, 2012

My AMAZINGLY Talented Sister

I am one proud sister! My "little" (she's 25 so she's really not that little) sis, Emily, works as an assitant designer for Carter's in Atlanta. She is just so darn talented and her first solo design that she was working on last summer hit Target stores a couple of weeks ago. I went the second that I could after returning from our trip to Costa Rica (more on that later).

Here's my beautiful sister sitting next to her masterpieces.

After standing in front of the display of 9 onesies (actually, they're called creepers), I decided on six that I wanted even though really I could have bought them all. I was totally bragging about my sis to the check-out lady and when I went back a few days later I was again bragging to an expecting mama who was considering buying a few. If you see a crazy lady in Target standing next to this display and saying "My sister designed these!" then that's probably me!

Head on over to Target which I'm sure most of you out there frequent at least once a week and show my sister some love by purchasing one or two or three. I don't even have kids yet and bought four for myself!

As if these creepers aren't cute enough from just the front, they also have a cute graphic or ruffle on the bum. Love it!

Cute, huh?

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