Friday, March 2, 2012

Chalkboard Paint Kitchen Canisters

Chalkboard paint is an amazing invention. I really need to explore into this world more. So far, I've only done one project that involves chalkboard paint and I was super happy with how well it went.

I have been meaning to complete this project for a quite some time but Joann's never had black chalkboard paint. I finally had success on Saturday. I can't quite remember where I saw this project but I think it was through the blog world or maybe even World Market where I eventually ended up purchasing the canisters. This was a super easy and reasonably priced project. Anyone can do this!

Here's what you need:
the item(s) you want to paint
a paint brush
chalkboard paint

I just followed the directions on the back on the chalkboard paint and I didn't care about super straight lines. It took me 2 coats to complete the project. The first coat still left streaks that you could see through.

Here's the before:

And the after:

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What do you think? This was so easy peasy! You can totally do this yourself with pretty much anything your heart desires. I'm thinking about using it for herb planters this spring! Anyone have any other ideas for what to paint?

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  1. Hi Amy.
    I am new here accept I haven't had a chance to start my DIY blog yet. I'm trying to get some projects completed first. Anyhoo, I just love the idea you have on decorating those jars because I have the same ones in my kitchen. I have been back and forth on what to do with them! I think I am going to add the chalk paint along with the simple small star stencils I was going to do all over the jar (in black paint of course)! Thanks for the idea and good job!