Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Magnolia Wreath

I love magnolia trees. They just scream "The Deep South" to me. I just picture them sitting along red, dusty roads out in the country with people sitting on their front porches in the humid weather. I'm missing the south right about now!

The last time that I was back in the south visiting my parents and sister, I went to the backyard and cut off some magnolia leaves with a project in mind. I wrapped them in a big white trash bag and stuck them in my carry-on.

When I got back to Chicago, I cut out a circle with a circumference of about 12 inches out of cardboard. I then cut a hole in the middle, leaving the circle about 2-3 inches thick. This is where I glued the leaves with a hot glue gun.

First, I glued the leaves around the outermost part of the circle. Next, I glued around the inner part of the cirle, covering up any large portions of cardboard. I wanted more volume to my wreath, so I just randomly placed extra leaves in areas that I felt like it. I also glued some leaves on where the back of the leaf would show which gave it some texture.

I didn't like how the leaves' stems were poking out around the middle, so I added just a little bit of moss around the center circle to better camoflauge these stems. I'm super happy with the outcome and it a little touch of the South in my northern home!

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What do you think? Sorry I don't have more step-by-step photos. I'm going to get better at that!

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