Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Father's Day Gift: "Dad, I love you to pieces!"

This sweet Father's Day project turned out so cute! I can't wait for the fathers of my students to get this gift. You still have time to make this with your class (if you're still in school like me) or with your kiddos for their dad. Here's what you need...

paper and markers for your kid(s) to make a sign
plastic picture frame (The Dollar Store had a few different options, but if you're looking for 30 or so for a class, I ordered mine on Walmart.com)
a puzzle (got mine from The Dollar Store)
hot glue

How To:
I mean, this is pretty self explanatory, but just incase you're really sleepy or something here's what I did...

Have your kids make a fun sign that says, "Daddy, I love you to pieces!" Make sure that they write big enough so that you can see the sign when the picture is printed off. Take a picture. Once you've got your photo in hand, place it in the frame.

Carefully use the hot glue to place the pieces around the frame. Go back and add a couple more puzzle pieces to add dimension, texture, and fill in any gaps along the frame. One thing to make sure of - when you are gluing the puzzle pieces along the bottom part of the frame, make sure that they do not hang over. Otherwise, the frame will not stand up.

Let me know how yours turns out or if you have any other Father's Day ideas. I'm always looking for cute crafts to do with my students!

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