Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spanish Moss Topiaries

I love DIY projects. Especially the ones that are super easy, don't require much time or many supplies, and the result looks as if you bought it at Pottery Barn but for 1/16 of the price! That's how I feel about these topiaries. Super easy and give a classic look to your decor!


You need:
4 styrofoam balls (this will allow you to make 2 topiaries)
a rectangular block of foam to put at the bottom of the pot to hold everything in place
a big bag of Spanish Moss (I got mine for about $4 at Hobby Lobby)
a couple of sturdy twigs (mine are from outside)
2 small pots
a hot glue gun/glue sticks

How to:

Cut and place the foam rectangle so that it fits snugly into the vase.

Hot glue the moss onto the styrofoam balls. I didn't use a ton of hot glue and I recommend doing more of a streak across the foam than dots. It's okay if all of the moss isn't completely pressed down. You just want to make sure it sticks to the styrofoam and covers the surface. Do this for all 4.

Next, take 1 of the balls. Stick a twig at the top and and a twig at the bottom. Stick one end into the styrofoam that you fit snugly into the pot. Place the opposite twig into the second ball. Repeat for the second topiary then admire!

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