Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Kruska Farms" Part 1

I came across this fantastic website called Sprout Robot a few weeks back. You punch in your zip code and it will tell you exactly when to plant what veggie. This week for us Chicagoans we were instructed to plant tomatoes and green peppers indoors.

We took a trip to Home Depot to gather our items. They had a whole section right when you walked in which couldn't have been more convenient for us. Here is what we bought:

Burpee Seed Starting 100% Natural Fiber Cells
Burpee Seed Starting Super Growing Pellets (this is the soil and these things are cool)
tomato seeds
cherry tomato seeds
sweet peppers (colorful/carnival and green or red...we'll see which one it will be)

We wasted no time planting these when we got home. We're excited to see what happens. First, we placed one pellet in each cell. If you get one with larger cells, you may need to use two pellets, but just start with one. These things expand a lot. Pour 1.5 oz of warm water per pellet and watch these guys grow! It reminds me of those expandable washcloths that I loved as a kid.

Next, we started planting the seeds. I placed about 3-5 seeds per little container and planted them about 1/4" deep according to the instructions on the seed packet. We had 4 containers with 8 cells each. Each plant got its own container. I printed out the names of each plant, taped it to a large toothpick, and placed it in the dirt of the correct container just so we know.

Finally, we placed the 4 contatiners on a storage container lid with flattened paper bags and paper towels to absorb the water that trickles out. The seeds need full sun to grow so they're sitting in our sunroom. Matt took a step back, admire the hardwork that we did, and said, "Ah, Kruska Farms."

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I'll keep you posted on the progress of my plants, but in the meantime why don't you see which seeds you need to plant soon? Spring is just around the corner and I'm so happy!

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